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Power Electronics

MaxQ Technology’s patented Q-CHILLTM Coldplate technology offers both standard and customized coldplates to meet a wide variety of technological specifications. We combine sound engineering principles with years of experience to address all the interdependent thermo-mechanical issues that come with cooling power electronics systems.

MaxQ Technology

Thermal Management

MaxQ Technology is a leader in thermal management solutions and power electronic packaging for businesses in fields using sustainable power conversion. MaxQ Technology provides innovative design, in-house fabrication and testing, so clients get exactly what they need.



MaxQ Technology uses the most advanced 3D and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software tools to design coldplate products.



MaxQ Technology offers a variety of fabrication options and provides expertise in both CNC machining and metal joining.



MaxQ Technology has the in-house capability to provide both thermal resistance and pressure drop testing for all of our cooling products.
Based in Tempe, Arizona, MaxQ Technology offers thermal management solutions and power electronic packaging for the sustainable power conversion market. We develop standard and custom cooling products for a variety of renewal energy, industrial, and defense applications. Deep experience and sound engineering principles make MaxQ Technology the provider that can best address all the simultaneous, interdependent thermo-mechanical issues that arise in power systems.

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Anything from a liquid-cooled coldplate to an entire power controller with an integrated coldplate or heatsink.

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