Joe Martinez, Vice President

As vice-president and co-founder of MaxQ Technology, Joe Martinez is a skilled engineer and operation manager who brings more than two decades of experience in the power semiconductor thermal management industry. He is focused on both the manufacturing and the operational aspects of the company. After graduating with a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Arizona, Martinez began his career at Motorola, where he used his electronic packaging skills on the design of IGBT power modules, thermal characterization,

and manufacturing process development, which resulted in four U.S. patents and numerous published papers. Martinez broadened his skill set with a move into program management, serving as program manager for the Motorola Mechatronics Program in Munich, Germany (a joint venture between Motorola and AMP, now TYCO). Martinez managed international engineering teams throughout Europe and Asia on projects to integrate electronics into automotive connectors. Back in the United States, Martinez started both real estate and technology companies before joining forces with Memo Romero to found MaxQ Technology.

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