How to read our Coldplate Performance Curves

The performance curve shown here is for a cooling fluid of 50% water and 50% ethylene glycol, a very common mixture for the cooling of IGBT power modules when using aluminum coldplates.

To read the performance curve, simply follow the red line to get the coldplate’s thermal resistance and the blue line to get the coldplate’s pressure loss. The following is an example of how to use these curves.

  • Cooling Fluid Flow Rate = 8 LPM (2.113 GPM)
  • Cooling Fluid Inlet Temperature = 70 °C
  • Total Heat Being Dissipated = 3000 W

From the performance curve, we get;

  • At 8 LPM, Thermal Resistance = 0.008 °C/W
  • Pressure Drop = 1.35 PSI

Therefore, the Coldplate Mounting Surface Temperature RISE is;

  • Thermal Resistance x Heat Dissipated = Temp Rise
  • 0.008 °C/W x 3000 W = 24 °C

If you have a Cooling Fluid Inlet Temperature of 70 °C, the coldplate
cooling surface temperature is 94 °C

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