High Performance IGBT Module Coldplate

The 001-MXQ-01 is a liquid cooled coldplate specifically designed for cooling a Semikron SKiM® 63 IGBT power module in a compact and lightweight design. The advanced design of the 001-MXQ-01 allows for efficient heat transfer between the coldplate contact area and the IGBT power module base plate.

The 001-MXQ-01 can dissipate 3000 Watts of heat at a flow rate of 8 LPM. This results in a 25°C temperature rise from the fluid inlet to the maximum coldplate temperature. The internal fin structure also results in a pressure loss of 1.1 PSI at this flow rate. This performance is achieved with an empty weight of the coldplate of less than 1.0 kg.

Part # Coldplate Dimensions Material Inlet/Outlet Ports
001-MXQ-01 162 mm x 136 mm x 22 mm Aluminum ¼ – 18 NPT

High Performance IGBT Module Coldplate

The 001-MXQ-01 liquid-cooled coldplate is specifically designed to accept mounting of a Semikron SKiM® 63.

All mounting holes are predrilled, tapped, and ready to accept the required mounting screws. These coldplates are designed to be “off the self” to help the power electronics engineer to focus on their drive design.

Coldplate Mechanical Outline

Overall Dimensions: 162 mm x 136 mm x 22 mm
Fluid Ports: Tapped for ¼ – 18 NPT
Mounting Surface Flatness: 0.025 / 25.4 mm
Mounting Surface Roughness: 0.8 um Max

Coldplate Performance Curve

The performance curve shown here is for a cooling fluid of 50% water and 50% ethylene glycol, a very common mixture for the cooling of IGBT power modules when using aluminum coldplates.

Thermal Resistance values use the difference between the Maximum Coldplate Temperature and the Fluid Inlet Temperature.

The pressure drop does include ¼- 18 NPT hose barb fittings.

Compatible Cooling Fluids

These aluminum coldplates are compatible with the following cooling fluids;

  • Ethylene Glycol Water Mixes (EGW)
  • Propylene Glycol Water Mixes (PGW)
  • Dielectric Fluids such as Flourinert™
  • Cooling Oils
  • Polyalphaolefins (PAO)

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