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Liquid cooled coldplate specifically designed for cooling IGBT power modules in a compact and lightweight design.

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High Performance IGBT Module Coldplate

The 011-MXQ-01 is a liquid cooled coldplate specifically designed for challenging power density applications requiring a compact and light-weight design. The advanced design of the 011-MXQ-01 allows for efficient heat transfer between the coldplate contact area and the power module base plate.

The 011-MXQ-01 can dissipate 3000 Watts of heat at a flow rate of 10 LPM. This results in a 26°C temperature rise from the fluid inlet to the maximum coldplate temperature. The internal fin structure also results in a pressure loss of 3.29 PSI at this flow rate. This performance is achieved with an empty weight of the coldplate of less than 1.2 kg.

Click here for datasheet. 


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